Note the hand-soldered circuitry around the rewind crank.  Twin LDRs either side of the eyepiece provide TTL metering in this highly sophisticated, yet not very well made (by the standards set by Leitz and a quite few other German companies) camera.
This 1970s Zeiss Icarex 35 primarily suffered from the cheap materials and loose quality controls that were a feature of all too many German cameras of the Fifties and Sixties.  The Japanese camera industry went through the same issue during the Sixties as well. The problem was largely due to the lack of money and materials after WWII and all industries suffered. East Germany then continued to maintain these standards for may years after the rest had improved theirs. (I had incorrectly remembered this camera to be a Contarex, but thanks to an eagle-eyed reader this has been corrected. The comments still apply of course. Thanks Ralf)

Satoshi: I gave this camera a complete clean-up and lube and tried my best to make the shutter reliable at both low and high speeds.  I was unable to get a good balance of tension between the slow-speed escapement and the blinds and in the end, had to sacrifice the slow speeds.  As you can see from the images, I cleaned out the entire viewfinder and prism as well.

























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The slow-speed escapement lies underneath the wind-assembly pictured to the left.  Interesting here is the frame-counter made from a numbered strip of thin plastic wound around a sprung barrel.