Welcome to a special section of my  site dedicated to camera re-pairs and restorations that I have recently completed. 
These cameras are shown only because I photographed the job I was doing on them for some reason or other. They are not necessarily all that interesting

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 Selected or reciprocal links Comments
 The Classic Camera Repair Forum An excellent resource for amateur camera repair advice. Many articles and enthusiastic contributors.
 Item description Client Comments
 Voigtländer Bessa 1 WPS Basic tidy-up
 Olympus OM1 C.Kirk Basic shutter job.
 Nikkor 24-120 AFD VIC Strange crack
 Zeiss Ikon Contina IIa WPS Atypical jamming
 Nikon F4 B.Foster Getting stuck in rewind
 Kowa Six 150mm Telephoto WPS Fungus/tidy
 Kowa Six 55mm Wide-angle WPS Fungus/shutter/tidy
 Rollei 35B S. Photo Shutter jam
 Zeiss Icarex 35S Satoshi Difficult shutter/build quality
 Voigtländer Vitessa Satoshi Shutter/wind problems
 Pax Satoshi Shutter, rangefinder. full lube
 Rectaflex Satoshi Shutter, fungus etc