The Pax with complete lens and shutter removed exposing the nasty looking rangefinder cam follower in the lens throat.

On top is the simple rangefinder consisting of a small mirror on the left and a semi-silvered on the right.
An uncommon faux gold version of the Japanese Pax camera.  This is a low cost and small-sized Leica copy of cheap construction.  It is however, perfectly usable with both rangefinder focusing and three or four shutter speeds.  Lenses are not interchangeable and the camera is around about 3/4 the size of an e39 Leica.
Satoshi: The Pax received a complete overhaul.  It had several problems that needed correcting. The shutter was not operable at all due to a broken part (shown here in the vise).  I've given it a new lease of life, but go easy on it all the same.  I also stripped down the lens helicoid for cleaning and re-lubing before assembling and calibrating the lot.























On the left is the dirty helicoid, down below is the freshly cleaned version.  Care must be taken to assemble these parts in the correct order.



This badly made piece is part of the shutter assembly.  In this camera it had been forcibly broken, however, it would not haven taken much force to do so.

The hammer does not completely surround the shaft as it should.
























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View of the rear of the lens-shutter assembly after removing it from the body.  On the left is the focus ring.  The lever sticking out of the main barrel in the centre below is the shutter trigger.  The broken part sits on the far end of this piece.