The part I am pointing to had been broken by force and was preventing the shutter from working.  I obtained a replacement part and this is in place in this photograph.

It is not an essential piece (it connects the self-timer to the shutter) but at least it all works now.
The Voigtländer Vitessa featured interchangeable lenses (in front of the shutter) and a very unusual plunger style wind-on lever.  If the plunger is only pressed down about 95% of the way, it will be retained inside the body for storage. Construction is innovative and quality is somewhat better than comparable Zeiss cameras though not nearly up to Leica standards.  I'd compare it in build and quality to some Kodak Retina models.

Satoshi: This is the camera that held up the return of your cameras for the long period.  I only have a couple of images here, but suffice it to say the camera has had a fair bit of time spent on it.  As with all your other cameras, all parts have been cleaned, lubed and adjusted or calibrated, including lenses and viewfinders where necessary.
































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Here is the Vitessa (bad picture, this one) with focus assembly and shutter/lens removed.  The wind mechanism is a bit delicate and needs careful lubricating and adjustment as it in part relies on friction to operate.