On to the 150mm telephoto lens.  It was suffering from falling damage and of course dampness and mildew.
The Japanese Kowa Six medium format SLR was a mid-range system camera with all the capabilities of its competitors short of having interchangeable film-backs.  There was a wide range of decent lenses all the way out to a 19mm fish-eye!! Shown here is the 150mm lens.  Corrosion, dropping damage and fungus were the standard problems.

Masses of info on this camera is available on Robert Monaghan's medium format pages here. - This page seems to have vanished - I hope it's not gone for good. If anyone knows where it is, please let me know. In the meantime, here is another page with some info on this model.





















A huge cemented triplet forms the second group in this telephoto lens.

The glass was pretty well covered with fungus, but the cementing and blacking were still ok.



On the right here we can see some nasty damage to the rear plate that coveres the shutter tensioning mechanism. 

In order to tighten the three fastening screws, I had a fair bit of panel beating to do.








Construction is identical to the 55mm lens.
Alternating brass and aluminium barrels and rings make my work easier than it sometimes is.

The series of pix inset on the right show the inside of the barrel that holds the second group.  Here it is having a large amount of corrosion/fungus cleaned off.






































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To the left is the complete front component reassembled and cleaned.

Below that, we must never forget to reinstall spacers and shims removed during disassembly

Bottom left is the typically grubby lens barrel and finally, we have the finished item.  Well-used, but clean and ready for a few years more.