Beginning with the 55mm lens, we go in through the front by removing the flange ring as usual.  A dented filter ring can make a lens like this very difficult to service.
The Japanese Kowa Six medium format SLR was a mid-range system camera with all the capabilities of its competitors short of having interchangeable film-backs.  There was a wide range of decent lenses all the way out to a 19mm fish-eye!!
The 55mm wide-angle here had a sticky slow speed escapement and the usual fungus and grubbiness.

This page has lots of information about the Kowa Six and related models.



















Front lens assembly comes out nicely and the rear unit comes out the back.

On the rear we can see a shutter tensioning system much like that used on the Mamiya RB and bronica ETR cameras among others.


Before removing certain parts, it is smart to look for marks left by a previous repairman.  Use these when reassembling rather than making new marks

Below is the ball bearing that makes the aperture ring click.  It mustn't be lost!






























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At this point there was just enough room for a minor flush and lube so I tried it and the shutter returned an excellent set of speeds straight off so I left it with that and began reassembly.

From here on it was just a matter of cleaning both glass and metal components.